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Dave on the Issues:
  • On ANWR
  • On US Energy Policy
  • On 2nd Amendment Rights
  • On National Defense
  • On the Patriot Act
  • On Illegal Immigration
  • On the Real ID Act
  • On the Right to Life
  Alaska's Future is Bright  

Dave knows Alaska. He was born and raised right here in Alaska. Here, he and his wife Kathy built a life, raised a family, made a home.

Dave knows Alaskans. Our hopes and dreams, our fears and concerns. Living and working all across Alaska, he found a deep love for its beauty and abundance. He saw for himself the strength and diversity of its people.

Dave knows what hard work is. He worked his way up from the bottom, and on the way he learned how to lead. Then he led his bank to years of record growth and profits.

Dave knows Alaska's future can be a bright one. He believes in the boundless promise of the future we can build, and that we need someone in Washington who will fight for us and make it happen.

Get to know Dave Cuddy. If you want the kind of future Dave is fighting for, Dave knows he wants to fight for you.
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